Saturday, January 14, 2012

What I'm Wearing 03

Sweet Jane by Myficals
Sweet Jane, a photo by Myficals on Flickr.

Style Card:
Skin by Mynerva, hair by Lamb, eyes by Nomine.
Bracelets by Insanya, necklace by Tonktastic, glasses by Soap, tats by V.
Overalls by Grasp, underwear by Luck Inc, socks and boots by League.
Pose by Glitterati.

Monday, December 19, 2011


Odyssey by Myficals
Odyssey, a photo by Myficals on Flickr.

I first visited Odyessy a little over three years ago. I was doing a little map based exploring, when the name caught my eye. It turned out to be an art space and was a pleasant way to kill a half hour or so. The exhibit that really caught got my attention was an inflatable Jean Baudrillard, a French philosopher who coined the term "hyperreality" and who probably would have found Second Life fascinating. Returning to the sim, it was a bittersweet moment to discover Jean still struggling against his chains. On the one hand, it's always nice to rediscover art you once loved. On the other, impermenance is one of the things I feel makes Second Life great and seeing Jean still up three years later, I find myself wondering why.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

My First Blog Challenge

Gogo, over at Juicy Bomb recently opened a blogger challenge, focusing on the bum. How could I resist? I subbed this image to Flickr and added it to the group.
Urban Nudes: Innsmouth VII by ~Myficals on deviantART

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What I'm Wearing 002 (breaking the drought)

Sk8punks Must Ride by ~Myficals on deviantART

 Style Card:
Skin by Mynerva, Hair by 99 Elephants, Eyes by Nomine, Shape by me.
Necklace by LouLou&Co, Bracelets by Insanya, Gauge Plugs by ATIU.
Shirt & Leggings by Razorblade Jacket, Belt by JP, Boots by League.
Glasses by [Soap], Harness and Board by Action.
Pose by HelaMiyo.

Well that was a bit of an hiatus, wasn't it? Let's try not to do that again.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

What I'm Wearing 001

pink punk final by Myf Mcmahon
pink punk final, a photo by Myf Mcmahon on Flickr.

Style Card:
Skin by Pink Fuel, Hair by 99 Elephants, Shape by me.
Necklace by LouLou&Co, Bracelets and Rings by Insanya
Pants by Shitz and Giggles, Top by LouLou&Co (for Depraved Dealers), Socks by League, Shoes by Xplosion (for Depraved Dealers).

Edit: forgot to mention, Poses by HelaMia.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm Still Here!

Haven't been in world a great deal, the last few days. Had a rather nasty virus that's left my head pounding and destroyed my ability to concentrate on a computer screen for than a few minutes at a time. Clawing my way back to health though; this blog is on my list of things to attend to when I reach that exalted state.

Oh and by the by, all you Aussies that are dropping by (I've more hits from Australia than the USA, which is pretty incredible); this blog has nothing to do with Myf Warhurst (though I do like her on Spicks and Specks) and if you come here looking for her nude photos, well I'm sorry there's only lil old virtual me here. =)